A single eSpring filter cartridge can last an average family of six for up to twelve months of purer, cleaner water — straight from the kitchen tap.

That’s up to 5,000 litres of clear, pure water from just one eSpring filter.

And because we know how easy it is to forget, the eSpring’s electronic monitoring system with smart-chip technology will let you know when it’s time to swap out the old for the new.

Don’t panic! Replacing the cartridge is as easy as changing a light bulb. 

  • Each cartridge contains a patented activated pressed carbon-block filter and ultraviolet technology
  • Traps over 140 individual contaminants — more than any other carbon-based UV filtration system on the market
  • Leaves in nearly 100% of beneficial minerals — such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride
  • The UV bulb destroys 99.99% of water-borne bacteria, viruses and cysts, protecting your family from health risks
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